Monday, February 21, 2011

Pastor Chris' Lent Challenge

Ok Baptists, Tar Heels  and well, everybody else.
Lent starts soon.  Now I realize that as baptists we are not supposed to know what in the heck Lent is.  Unless, that is, you grew up Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican or soon other more liturgical denomination.  I know, Baptists aren't in  to that kind of thing.  Well, for those of you baptists who are saying "What is Lent?"  Lent is the season on the church calendar that immediately preceding Easter.  This is a time for the Christian of prayer, repentance and self denial.

One of the traditional ways of observing Lent is to refrain form eating Meat during the season of Lent.  This is how I am going to observe Lent this year.  I challenge you to observe Lent with me.  Join with me by denying yourself something.  Give up Coffee, or sweets or meat or, well whatever, something that you love.  Give up something that you long for, that you experience every day.

Lent starts on with Wednesday March 9, commonly known as Ash Wednesday.  It ends on April 24 on Easter.  I encourage you to join me in observing Lent this year.

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