Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Gone Fishin"

I'm fishing with the boys from the church.  I left a sign on my door that said "Gone Fishin."  I really don't know much of anything about fishing.  I'm going mainly to be with the boys.  I will add fishing to my long list of things I have done in the service of the Lord to promote fellowship.  Already on that list are things like deer hunting, hunting with bows, rafting, camping, monster truck races, a NASCAR race, High School Football Games, a Bull Riding Event, bowling, and many others.  Some of these things I found to be very compelling and interesting experiences.  Others I did because they were opportunities to be with my people.

It seems to me that the work of the small church and smaller community is done in the context of fellowship and relationships.  Experts on evangelism would tell us about the importance of relationships in influencing other people.  Relationships lie at the very core of touching others.  The small church knows this I think.

Relationships are everything in the small church or community.  We of small communities know that relationship provide the opportunities to support and influence others.  An opportunity exists before you through the relationships you have.  The questions is "Will you take it?"

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