Saturday, December 18, 2010

D is for DUDE!

Hello, sorry I have been here in a while. I suppose I fell off the wagon.

I have a lot of nicknames for my son Micah.  I call him Bear, M.C., Hammer, Boo Boo, Bee Bee, Dude, Duder and perhaps my favorite, Duderonomy.  So, to summarize, Micah has a lot of nicknames that I use for Him

So recently, my wife and children went to one of those "paint your own pottery places.". The one we normal go to is the "Mad Platter" in Burlington NC.  The other day they came home with these decorative ceramic letters that they had made when i was away somewhere.  They all wanted to show me the decorative letters they had made.  My wife had made a "C", presumably for our last name.  I asked them why we had a "w", to which My daughter Makaley quickly informed me was an "M" for Makaley, not a "W."

Finally, my son Micah made a "D."  Using all my empirical powers I racked my brain trying to divine why Micah would make a "D" and What it stood for.  Nobody in our family has a name that starts with a "D."  I couldn't think our anybody else that might have a "D" name that Micah might give his decorative ceramic letter to.  Finally, I was forced to admit my intellectual defeat and ask my wife what the "D" stood for.

"D" is for "Duderonomy!"

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